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Quality activities at Hacettepe University are managed through an integrated quality assurance management model. The components of the management system consist of strategic management, process management, performance management, document management, risk management and feedback (information request, request, suggestion, complaint, satisfaction) system

Hacettepe University has been improving its quality of service since the year 2000 when the University launched its quality management and strategic planning endeavours starting with Hacettepe University Hospitals. The first strategic plan was created in 2005 and Hacettepe University is the first Turkish university to officially launch strategic plan efforts. Since then, our university has put forward four strategic plans

The quality policies that have been created within the scope of integrated quality assurance system; Quality Assurance Policy, Education and Training Policy, Research and Development Policy, Service to Society Policy, Internationalization and Governance Policy, has been put into effect following the senatus consultum 2022-146 dated 16.06.2022.

Quality assurance has been gaining prominence both nationally and internationally. Under the banner of our quality assurance improvement endeavours, accreditation is supported on every level.

This guideline has been created in order to enlighten every stakeholder about The Quality Assurance System developed by Hacettepe University, and also, about the method and tools used in the process.

Quality Commission; In line with the strategic plan and objectives of the university, to establish an internal and external quality assurance system in order to evaluate, monitor and improve the quality of the quality assurance system, education-training, research-development, social contribution activities and management system, and to determine the performance indicators or key performance indicators specific to the institution. It is the commission that was created to present its work to the approval of the Hacettepe University Senate and is responsible for sharing it with the public.